Pulseband Mobile App

Designs to accompany a concept health wearable device that measures blood pressure, heart rate, and steps.


The Pulseband is an imaginary health wearable device positioned towards cardiac patients that measures blood pressure, heart rate, and steps. As part of an exploratory project through DESIGNATION, I helped design a mobile app to accompany this product.


Our challenge was to deliver a mobile app design that communicated complex health data in a clear and actionable manner. We had to understand the basic science of this data, determine what key features we would offer patients, and deliver a mobile prototype and high fidelity designs. Oh, and in only two weeks.

As the lead interaction designer, I was responsible for designing wireframes and creating the mobile prototype. Given my project management experience, I also took the lead on scheduling presentations and design sessions, and on communicating with our creative director and mentors.


Our research methods included searching popular media for opinions on health wearables and reading medical journals to understand the data the device would track. For example, we wanted to understand the impact of a EKG measurement and how this data is typically displayed graphically. We also conducted phone interviews with potential users and health experts to identify user pain points and opportunities to provide enhanced care. Some of key findings were:

We translated our findings from the research into actionable design goals:

Eliminate user error by providing automated data recording, capture data over time to show trends and better inform care providers, provide users with immediate and actionable feedback.

We created three user personas to represent the goals and behaviors of our target demographic. We leveraged these personas throughout the project to tie all design decisions back to a user need.


In our wireframes, we explored what key information should be highlighted in the app. For a mobile with so much data and potential impact on user health, we needed to ensure that the design delivered information that was detailed but still digestible. Below are some initial wireframes for the key screens.


By applying the graph styles to the wireframes, I created an interactive prototype of the app's core features using Axure to support usability testing.

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