A responsive wedding website, coded and designed iteratively using bootstrap, HTML5/CSS & Javascript, and a little love.


Wedding planning can be a stressful process, and clear communication to and from guests can really help make the process go smoothly. I created my wedding website using Bootstrap to share information with guests seamlessly, while keeping the visual style clean and elegant.

The site contains all of the information a guest needs to know to attend and celebrate the wedding, including direct links to hotel booking sites and interactive maps. We promoted our hashtag for guests to use the day of the wedding through website, and even provided a PDF copy of the wedding program. That way, users could download and follow along on their phones at their own convenience.

Online RSVP

Sending and receiving RSVP cards is an expensive and time consuming part of the planning process, so I had my guests RSVP online. This was a challenge, given my audience ranged in age and experience using digital tools. The RSVP instructions went through many editorial iterations before landing on a clear and friendly message.

Wedding Program

As my first foray in print design, I created my wedding program using online research and Illustrator. Because my audience ranged in age, culture, and religious affiliations, I made sure to think about those perspectives when writing a concise description of a 4 hour ceremony.

Click to download the program!

And everything turned out great! Most importantly, I heard from many of the guests that they had the best time. Mission accomplished :)

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