IBM Interactive Experience

Created high fidelity prototypes in Axure to improve web usability. Worked with cross-functional teams to create journey maps, user stories, and demos for a suite of enterprise apps.

Web Redesign for Utilities Company


DTE Energy is a utilities company based in Detroit, MI. The company hired IBM to support a full front-end redesign of its web and mobile platforms across core business processes. As part of the project, I built web wireframes and high-fidelity prototypes using Axure to improve gaps in usability and illustrate designs to stakeholders.


The biggest challenge was translating complex backend processes into an intuitive and efficient UI. I took the time to understand the processes for which I was designing for, including details ranging from technical to legal.

The example below is the business process of new user registration. particular screens are the first steps in registering for service. The design principles we adopted for this project were:

  1. Efficiency - allow the user to complete the registration process quickly and easily by only asking for critical information.
  2. Error reduction - create an intuitive form that provides guidance to the user to reduce form field errors.

To meet this goal, I helped design a password strength meter that would dynamically evaluate password strength as it is typed. I recommended that the continue button should be disabled until all fields are completed. Another improvement was to move labels above the form fields instead of inside the fields. This adjustment allowed users to view the field label at all times, increased flexibility in field label length, and supported a more accessible design.

There were a few recommendations I made to the client that were not implemented for various technical and legal issues, such as 1) removing the password and email confirmation fields and displaying the input values, and 2) placing the continue buttons in a consistent location on each panel (i.e. the bottom right). The client has launched these new registration screen designs, and is currently undergoing full site launch.

MobileFirst Ready Apps Program


As a business analyst, I supported the Ready Apps Program, a suite of pre-configured enterprise apps across various industries. In Fall 2014, the Ready Apps suite became Apple + IBM enterprise app solutions. During the project, I acted as a Ready App product manager and helped build user journey maps, created user stories, and participated in ideation workshops.


To kick off each app within the suite, a team of SMEs, information architects, UX designers, and a business analyst met for a two-week ideation session to develop the idea. The ideation session included generating user stories, user journey maps, a prioritized feature list, and medium-fidelity Axure prototype. My role was to support all of these activities by facilitating discussions, conducting market research, and following up on deliverables.


After the ideation session, offshore developers used the feature list and Axure prototype to create a functional prototype. I maintained communication with the developers and set up checkpoints to ensure the product was being built as intended. Once the functional prototype was complete, I managed the QA process by writing and executing test scripts. I also recorded demos for the apps I owned that would be played for potential clients.

The most amazing part of this project was that besides the two-week ideation sessions, the core team was entirely remote. The seamless communication and amazing teamwork was impressive and something I try to carry forward in my career. This was also my first time working UX designers, which became the inspiration for my career path today.

To see additional work from either of these projects please contact me directly, thanks!

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